New Reproduction Parts and New Old Stock parts

United Kingdom:

Available from Malcolm Scott at Waterside Garage, Waterside, Macclesfield in UK. Tel: 01625-615290 & 615738.

New reproduction Austin Champ spares, good quality and to original design. [I have seen them and they are very good ! John M.]

Delivery depends on destination and method used: ie Airmail/surface etc.... Prices do not iinclude postage.

Petrol tank rubbers POA

[a] Floor L/H complete with stiffeners, captive nuts, front exhaust mounts and including jack reinforcement. £ POA
[b] Floor R/H as above. £ POA
[c] L/H & R/H front wing mounting panels with captives, wiring loom tabs, bonnet bracket and snorkel reinforcing bar bracket. POA
[d] Rear winchwell floor cover. £ POA
[e] Rear winch access panel [Triangular in rear body panel] £ POA
[f] Side panel to floor stiffener [L/H & R/H] £ POA
[g] Side panel to floor stiffener front gusset [L/H & R/H] £ POA
[i] Rear seat base POA
[j] Hinge rear seat base x two POA
[k] Battery box [seat support] outer ends POA
[l] Sill repair [up to bottom rib] POA
[m] Sill repair with bottom rib POA
[n] Lockerbox floor [under inner wing] POA
[o] Rubber axle bellows POA
[p] Exhaust front pipe [Stainless] POA
[q] Exhaust [Stainless] flexible pipe [front pipe to silencer] POA
[r] Heat shield [for silencer] POA
[s] Jacking point POA

Also available:

Tyres 7.50 x 16 Deestone Extra Grip POA
Ferret silencers with fishtail POA

Coming soon:

[a] Rear wheel arch repair panels with enough spare material to fit under the top rib and repair the ends of the side ribs.

Gary Smith - Repro Snorkels

POA tel: 01384 231797 or mob: 07808873780

Champ Spares UK Ltd

In their own words, "The Worlds most complete stock of spare parts."

Woodgate Farm - Stubby Lane - Draycott in the Clay
Staffordshire - DE6 5HA - United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1283 82 00 50

Roy Elvis is available to discuss your individual requirements and offer friendly advice & information.

They stock and supply spare parts for the Austin Champ, the most impressive post war vehicle,our stock includes canvas & pvc hoods, upholstery, exhaust systems, bodywork parts, axles, gear-boxes, engines, radiators, picks & shovels and we also have a selection of complete vehicles available.

Canvasco - John and Mary Worthing - Manufacture Champ vinyl hoods, seats, screens etc for the Champ, at


New Old Stock Parts Just a what fits what list - with thanks to John Mole

Classic lighting and Ignition Australia 03 9876 5675 For all electrical and ignition parts, convoy lights, globes etc

Points Lucas GL-11 or Lucas DSB 124 (C) (419265) Remax [Ford pilot 1948-53 ] or ES-274

Fuel filter - FRAM C-11846PL

Exhaust Jaguar XJ6

Brake master cyl - Girling 64067567 or same as Riley 2.5ltr RMF [1954]

Axle oil seals - 470605 -"NAK TC 2.500" x 3.375" x .500"

Fan belt Semperet 22x1295 - C 51

Brake repair kits: Master Cylinder: Girling SP 1974/10, Wheels SP 2006 and 2015,
Flex brake hose HP9.


Russell Altmann PO Box 26, Stawell, 3380, Victoria, Australia.

Phone Australia 03 5358 2279
Map of how to get there - first find your way to Stawell!

Mick Hobson - 03 5356 9337

Windscreen frames can be made to order, he does need the top rail which is generally not rusted away.

Fuel Tank Sender Units. These are a change over deal, Mick has many brand new parts [Including the top reostat] The units are rebuilt including a new Float.

The hood should be green leathercloth and not canvas. The vehicle colour should be Deep Bronze Green High Gloss.

The shockers are not the same as Land Rovers. According to EMER Vehicle General 0449 Miscellaneous Instruction No 1 [23/11/55] which became EMER Wheeled Vehicle A019 Misc Inst No 6 [28/11/62] the Champ Shocks were:

Girling LV6-MT1/LU/CDA6/3 and Armstrong LV6-MT1/AP/ATII/101 are not used on any other military vehicle.
John Mastrangelo 2001

Battery Carriers: The batteries on cargo and FFW were special to Champs. The FFW rubber mats are such that only these batteries will fit well in them. The top bar fitted on a grove on top of each battery. The Cargo batteries required a waterproof box to fit them in when fording [according to the EMER Power J 305 "Batteries"], while the FFW ones were "submersible". No mention of WPF "boxes" in Champ manuals ?!

Jacksons in Yorkshire has hundreds of FFW mats in early 80's. I think "Champ Spares UK ltd" bought them. In 1995 they were £ 10 each, today ?

The Hubs seals are GACO or Payen

After market modifications to Austin Champs - Martin West

In a small foundary in an outer Melbourne suburb in Australia lives Martin West, he and son Dean are keen Champ owners and over the years they have produced small numbers of hard to get parts. Generally with changes to the original design with improvements in either the materials that the part is made from or the design of the part itself.

Click on a part name to see a close up picture of the ones made by Martin.tin.

 Fuel Caps  Free Wheel Hubs  Australian Axel Gaiters.  Clutch linkage  Thermostat Housing Top
Differential nose cone and rubber mount  Spark plug cover  Suspension Bushes    

Description of Condition Numbers:
1 Restored, Running in original condition
2 Under restoration or to be restored
3 Salvable
4 Fit for spares
5 Broken up
6 Modified
7 No trace since sold.

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